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    How to improve battery life of an old Android smartphone?

    Are you using an Android phone and facing trouble with low battery life? Want to increase battery life of your old Android phone? Know how to manage and increase battery life of your Android mobile.

    I have been using Sony Xperia X10 smartphone for more than 2.5 years now. It has been working pretty well apart from the fact that the battery life has started reducing drastically in the last few weeks. I understand that since I use several apps, this has an impact on the battery life of my smartphone. Still, I want to try and implement all possible tricks for improving battery life of android smartphone Sony Xperia X10.
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    Here are few tips to improve the battery life:

    # Reduce the screen brightness to the minimum extent possible for you, because brightness is one of the biggest battery drainers in a smartphone

    # Turn off unnecessary hardware features which you don't use regularly like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS

    # Don't leave any apps running in the background unnecessarily.

    # Uninstall all the unnecessary apps in the phone which eat up the memory

    # Turn off non-essential notifications to improve battery life

    # Keep the number of widgets as low as possible

    # Don't use vibration for ringtones, as it reduces the battery life significantly when compared to normal ring tones

    # Monitor the signal strength because in a low signal area smartphone uses more battery to reach strong signal and if you are in a no-signal area put the phone to offline mode

    # Reduce the flash content to lowest extent possible while browsing

    # Update the apps regularly because the updated version will use the battery less than the non-updated apps

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    There are few tips to improve battery life as a new one. Try to restore the factory setting first and test for one or two days to know its real performance once again. Make sure to uninstall all necessary apps and clear memory status from setting.

    Go to Task Manager in your smartphone
    Select Active Apps option and click on End All, do it often or whenever you use any apps or game
    Select Package option and uninstall unwanted apps from the list
    Select RAM option then click on Clear Memory


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    There are few specific services and applications which consume lot of battery power. They are as follows:

    1. Services such as 'Location' should be kept off and use it only when required in some applications. Location uses GPS to identify your geographical location and so use it only in Maps, Navigation and few other applications like olx and speed test app which uses GPS to locate your place.
    2. If you are not using 3G in your phone, then select the Network type under settings as only 'GSM' and not UMTS or Dual mode.
    3. Turn off background running applications and games which you are not using. You can do this with the help of a 3rd party app like app killer.
    4. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use.
    5. Check the 'auto' option when you adjust the brightness of the screen.
    6. Do not use Live Wallpapers and themes with rich user interface.
    7. Turn off notifications for applications you don't really want to be notified like 'Updates of apps and games' etc.

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    Here are some handy tips to improve battery life of any Android phone-

    Power saving through apps management:

    Apps running in background cause a major stream of power drain. Hence, it is better to make a practice of closing apps running in background once in a while. You can end all the apps running in background using "Task Manager" in your mobile phone. If you are too busy to manage apps on your own, then you can take help of some third party apps such as "App killer". There are also some apps available to manage the tasks for your phone to manage the optimal usage of the battery power. Tasker app and Autorun Manager app are among the most preferred apps for this purpose.

    Saving battery by managing notifications:

    A continuous flow in of notifications from various apps cause a high amount of power drain. Hence, it would be better to keep the notifications off for lesser priority apps.

    Also, using separate caller tunes and caller images can consume more battery, so it is better to avoid this.

    Power saving through screen management:

    Managing screen to control power usage can be done by two ways. First, reduce the brightness of screen and keep the screen brightness management option to "Auto".

    Secondly, set the "screen timeout" to minimum possible time to make sure that screen light turns off when the phone is not actively used. Ideally, screen timeout should be lesser than 30 seconds.

    Saving battery by managing connectivity settings:

    In connectivity the main battery suckers are navigation services i.e. GPS. If you are using the "location" services then your battery power may drain fast. So, keep the navigation services off when not absolutely essential.

    The connectivity options such as Wi-fi and Bluetooth also involve a high volume of battery consumption. So, it is better to keep wifi and Bluetooth off whenever not required. (This will also save you from virus and data theft vulnerability.)

    Install power saving apps for Android phones:

    Some Android Apps help in saving battery life. For example: Juice Defender, Go Power Master Battery Saver, Battery Defender, etc.

    Namita Terse

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