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    How to block and in our blog?

    Are you messed up with some fake websites like ' and Are they displaying you fake traffic results? Know hoe to block such sites from accessing your blog's details like traffic, here in this post.

    Recently I have noticed that whenever I check the stats in my blog in the blogger platform after posting a new article, it shows good traffic from sites like and On browsing the net, I came to know that these are the spammers sites which show fake traffic to the site only to attract traffic to their sites. I also read that the best way to stop the nuisance from these sites is not to click on these sites. But unfortunately, I clicked on these sites before learning about these spammer sites. Now I would like to know is there any other way to block these two spammer sites? If so, could you please help me and tell me how to block these sites?
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    What's the discussion out there is, you cannot block those spam referrals like vampirestst, Villainstat, Uglystat and Zombiestat. All these have a notorious (spam) profile set even by Google and it's advised not to click those links on your Dashboard. They may sometimes lead you to web pages containing malicious pieces of software that effect your PC. Moreover, stat counters and Analytics doesn't include traffic from these sites, but the Blogger does. Also you don't need to worry about AdSense income and blog's health. It is difficult to block such websites even for Google, because there are thousands of such spam websites or even more. If one such spam website is blocked by Google officially, the next minute will be a chance for another. So, I think Bad always co-exists with Good and all you have to do is 'neglect it.'

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