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    Is it true that Mac OS computer never gets affected by viruses?

    Is it true that Mac OS is less vulnerable to viruses? Know if it is true that Macintoshs arent attacked by viruses here in this post.

    Im using Windows 7 on my laptop and I often find viruses every month. One of my friend suggested me to go for a Mac as they'll never get attacked by viruses. Is it true that Mac books are less vulnerable to viruses?
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    Other than the above mentioned reason by the members, there are many reasons for it. One more reason for Mac OS safe is, it has inbuilt anti-virus and scan which helps to protect all unnecessary issue while using Pen Drive, Internet, Data Transaction etc. This is one of the expensive laptop/OS which should eventually help its user from this malicious act.

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    Yes it true, Virus doesn't affected on the Mac operating system. It is safe Operating version.

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    There is a possibility for the Mac OS to get virus. Most of the system runs without anti-virus. In these cases, virus gets affected in the Mac OS system. Unix Kernel is one of the oldest and most secure operating system available in the market. If you take windows operating system, lots of users using it in their system. When compared to windows, Mac OS has fewer users so that it will run in secure manner. Virus spreads faster in windows due to its user's activities. But that will not be suitable in the Mac OS. One of the basic thing why windows gets windows gets lot of viruses than the Mac OS, virus coding writers will prefer windows operating system than the Mac OS.

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