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    Windows phone vs Android phone -What do you think?

    Windows phone or Android phone? Want to know which is better? Look for the expert answers here.

    Windows phone and Android phone are the two most popular Mobile operating systems at present. There are many unique features and properties in Windows Phone OS as well as in Android Phone OS. I like both the Mobile OS actually both are nice for me. I want the experts to explain and discuss in details about Windows phone and Android phone OS? Which one would you recommend and Why?
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    Both OS is superb and has similar features but different users across globe / region, there are fans for Android and Windows OS smartphone separately. Most of them prefer Android OS smartphone for various reason, such as desired brand smartphone has Android OS, reasonable price, friendly OS and thousands of Apps to download from Google playstore.

    There are so many advantage from Android OS smartphone compare to Windows Smartphone. For more detail on this, you can check the following link.


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    Both Android and Windows Phone are superb operating systems. Android has a major advantage that it has a number of free and paid apps available for users and it is open source. But Windows Phone has a simple yet effective User Interface. Windows Phone is very smooth and social networks are effectively integrated within it. But since Windows Phone is newly launched, the number of apps are limited.

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    I will recommend you to buy Android based smartphones because they are popular as well as most useful than other OS like Windows OS phones. There are more than one million of apps are available for android to download.
    According to the worldwide Smartphone OS market share the most likely OS is Android OS.
    Smartphones comes with Android OS are the best selling over Windows OS phone.
    For complete guide click here

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