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    How to change new Facebook interface to old one?

    Want to know the procedure for reverting to old interface of Facebook? You can get the expert answers here.

    Recently Facebook has made some new changes in its interface. Its more or less like Google+. I want to revert to the old one. What is the procedure to get back old interface of Facebook? Which changes are required to do this? Also how to change the new chat format to old one?
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    Hello member,

    We know you are dying to get back your old Facebook version and settings.

    But the real answer is that no-one has found the correct answer to the question for years of time. The reason behind this is Facebook employ new timeline settings for users who join new to the community after their update in June 2012. Since then all the new users would be redirected directly to their new version of Facebook layouts. However if you still join as new member, you may see something more different and unexpected since they experiment on various layouts and templates from time to time to check the responsiveness.

    If you were a user since 2009 or 10, facebook would have asked you to update yourself with the new timeline. However in my case, I stretched it for a period of 7 to 8 months of time, unless I came to know that Facebook has already changed my profile looks even when I didn't gave them the permission to do so. This annoyed me bitterly since I too enjoyed using the older format to an extend.

    There is a way you can enable it, though its not an official method but looks like many people have been succeeded in doing it. You need to deactivate your profile once for a length of 10 minutes of time and again reactive the same. Remember don't delete your account by mistake! I have tried the method and it was successful only for a period of 30 days after which Facebook again changed the entire layout to a different look I never expected of.

    Actually this is something Facebook tries to experiment with different people. If you are an ardent user, you will be redirected to the new version automatically. So the ultimate conclusion is - You have to stretch your option till the time Facebook forces you to use it. There is no option to get back after you get updated.

    Sashwato Chatterjee

    Thanks and Regards,

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    There is no option available in setting to change the new Facebook interface to old one. Even if you try with your technical knowledge then FB team will find it out and change to their own latest setting.

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    First of all, i don't see any reason why several people are willing to get back the old Facebook layout. But, its personal choice. So, coming back to the question, you can not change the Facebook layout as per your choice.

    Facebook assigns new layout for the new users now, and keeps asking old users to accept new layout after some time interval. If you like the old layout more then you can postpone the new outlook acceptance. But once you have accepted to assign new layout to your profile, then you can not have the old layout back again.

    Namita Terse

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