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    How to transfer Android Tablet PC Apps to Android Smartphone?

    Want to know how to transfer Android Tablet PC apps to Android Smartphones or other Android devices? Find the expert answers here.

    There are few apps which we like in the Android devices and would like to transfer these from one device to the other in which these are not available or desired apps transfer from Android Tablet PC to Android Smartphone. In such case, how to transfer Android Tablet PC Apps to Android Smartphone? Is 'WiFi transfer apps' downloading from Google Play store helpful in transferring the desired apps from one device to the other? Or it is not possible except downloading from Google play store. Expert, kindly advice on this.
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    Hello member,

    There are various legitimate ways by which you are transfer your apps from your Tablet PC to your smartphone and vice versa. Below listed popular methods for the transfer process are as follows:

    1. By Cloud sync: You can sync your Tablet PC to your smartphone through Cloud storage. Android tablets can easily connect to number of storage solutions pre installed on your Tablet PC. If you are not authorized to use any tablet storage media, you can alternatively transfer these through Bluetooth Wi-Fi. Instead it's better to download the cloud software on your Tablet PC and also on your smartphone to share files much easier. There are 10 to 12 cloud managers that provide you with Dropbox solutions, SkyDrive and many more available through Google Play Store.

    Access the same and install any one both on your tablet and smartphone. You can sync all your apps, send them as a reference through cloud manager. You may able to sync unlimited or limited apps based on the free or paid version of the software.

    2. By Micro SD Card method: If you already use a micro SD card on your Android tablet, then it's the most convenient method available for you to download the files and apps in your smartphone. Some tablets ask for the option of mounting or unmounting the card for reference to be used with permission on other smartphones. Use the option of Mount from your tablet PC if you are allowing access to other smartphone. Click Unmount to remove all permissions to any other user.

    3. By using File manager: You can download a particular File manager first from your Google play store both on your tablet as well as on your smartphone. Access them by selecting apps and files you want to share with your neighbouring device. Make sure you have paired your smartphone earlier as a neighbouring device. Sync your apps to share it on your smartphone easily even without deleting them.

    Sashwato Chatterjee

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