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    Can I Connect a Printer with my PC or Laptop via Bluetooth?

    Printing via Bluetooth, is it possible? Get the details from the Techulator experts.

    I want to know a small thing from experts. Can I print via Bluetooth? Is there any device which can make the printers Bluetooth enabled? I dont have any idea in this regard and I want to know about it from our Experts. Please help me.
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    There are two types of printers available in the market now, one is Bluetooth enabled printer with its driver in it and the other is a normal printer. You can easily connect, pair and take print out of the text documents, photos, and emails etc from 'Bluetooth enabled printer' including printers like LaserJets, DeskJets, PhotoSmart printers etc.

    You can buy specially 'external Bluetooth adapter' for old printer which is not Bluetooth enabled printer and try to fix it in printer USB hub, it will have drive within Bluetooth device which would help you to connect from your computer to printer by pairing for taking print out.


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    Yes you can connect printer with your PC or laptop via Bluetooth. But all printers don't have that facility. The printer you buy should have Bluetooth support. Bluetooth printers are wireless printer and you don't need USB cable or any other cable to make a interface between printer and PC/laptop. Bluetooth printers are plenty in market and available in brands like HP, Canon, Epson etc. HP sells Bluetooth printer for reasonable price.

    You cannot turn your wired printer to wireless printer unless it supports Bluetooth or Wi-Fi driver. You can check whether the printer supports wireless mode in the official site of the printer's brand.

    To print your documents through Bluetooth follow the below steps.

    1. If you are using PC/laptop don't have Bluetooth option then you should buy a Bluetooth dongle, it costs some Rs.100.
    2. Install Bluetooth driver for your OS first. Suppose if you are using Windows XP then you should install Bluetooth driver for Windows XP. Drivers are used to make the OS to understand that the hardware is used for Bluetooth communication. Without driver it cannot understand what the hardware is. Linux distros don't need drivers because they are pre-configured.
    3. Now install Bluetooth driver for the printer.
    4. After completing drivers installation for OS and printer you can connect the duo wireless using Bluetooth.

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