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    How to fix the Blue Screen Problem in Windows 8?

    Worried about the solution to the BSOD or Blue Screen problem in your Windows 8 OS, try the solutions provided by the experts of Techulator.

    I have window 8 pro installed on my system. While working on my system, I came across the Blue Screen Problem very often. It restarts my computer suddenly without any warning message. Sometimes it results in data loss as there is no warnings to save the unsaved data. Most of you might be aware of this problem as it occurs in most of the operating systems. I am unable to find an appropriate solution for this problem. So, can anyone provide me a good reliable solution so that in future I can do my work very freely?
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    Blue screen error is very common in desktops or laptops. It has another name as "Blue dump error". There are many causes of this problem.

    Following can be the reasons behind this error:
    1)Installation of faulty hardware or device drivers:- The installation of corrupt device driver can be the reason behind this.
    2)Operating system might be corrupted:- Sometimes system files of operating system get corrupted. So re-installation of OS needed.
    3)Damaged hard drive:- Hard drive may get damaged due to rough handling. So diagnose your hard drive by connecting it to another computer and check if it is faulty or not.
    4)Dusty RAM slots:- Clean your RAM and RAM slots regularly. Do clean CPU for also.
    5)Virus:- Virus may corrupt critical system files and may corrupt your OS. So do have a good antivirus.
    6)Damaged Hardware:- Re connect all hardware parts and check if they are working fine. damaged hardware can damage the system too.

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    Blue error screen is a very common problem faced by Windows users. Windows provides three error messages. These messages tell the cause and solution to the error.

    Exception error- When writing or reading new data to the memory allocated to an existing application, the program code may get overwritten. This corrupts the program and displays blue screen.

  • Solution- Re-install the system

  • Fatal error- When an application accesses illegal instruction, invalid data or code level, the processor sends an 'exception' to the operating system.

    Fatal error appears as follows:

    'A fatal exception has occurred at xxxx:xxxxxxxx.'
    Here, represents the exception. If pressing ESC doesn't restore the system to working condition, the exception can't be recovered.

  • Solution- Use *nix operating system

  • Illegal operation error- This happens when an application reads or writes to a memory address which is not allocated to it.

    Illegal operation error appears as follows:

    'This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor.'

    Below the dialog box, there will be 'OK' and 'Details' buttons. Click on Details. You will get the following message:

    (Application) caused an invalid page fault in module (module name) at (address).

  • Solution- Re-install the module/file mentioned. If more than one application shows the error, re-install Windows.

  • For a detailed article on the topic, visit How to fix blue screen error?

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