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    What type of water purifiers are best to buy?

    Learn the details about the best types of Water purifiers available in the market like RO type, UV type etc., their availability, specs and price etc. from the experts of Techulator.

    I want to buy water purifier for my home. TDS of water of my home is around 270. So, should I buy RO or UV water purifier? Which device gives me better result if TDS is within limit? Which companys RO and UV water purifier are best to buy? What should be the expected price of respective model?
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    You can go for RO & UV water purifier as it is the best solution for water purification. There are several brands of water purifier available in the market like Pureit from Hindustan Unilever, Kent, Aquaguard, Tata Swach etc. The price range starts from around Rs. 900/- to 1000/-.

    I would like to recommend you Pureit products. You can check the various products with the features and prices of Pureit by going through their website

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    RO purifiers work on the principle of Reverse osmosis which involves movement of water across a membrane. While UV purifiers work on Ultraviolet technology. It is a general practice to use UV for TDS levels up to 500 and RO purifiers for TDS greater than 500. So you can go for RO purifiers from Kent, Aqua guard etc. But you can also purchase UV purifiers which come with adjustable TDS levels. The range starts from Rs. 900 and can go high based on quality and advanced features.

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    If TDS in water exceed 80 PPM, it is advisable to install an RO-based water purifier. Otherwise, you can buy a standard UV-based purifier.

    uv do not offer storage and are unable to remove heavy metals or chemicals like arsenic, nitrates and iron. also, you can't get rid of the smell of contaminated water by using uv..

    if u r having tap water supplied by Gov Agency then u can go for UV only because that will reduce the cost and as it is already filtered and treated water thus the only thing u should be worry about is harmful water-borne, disease-causing organisms.

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