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    How one can differentiate proxy server from the original server?

    How to differentiate between a original server from a proxy server? Learn the steps involved in differentiating a original server from a proxy server from the experts of Techulator.

    I have learnt/heard that using of proxy server in some of the forums of website services are banned whereas some websites allowed the same. The purpose of it generally known that using a proxy server to keep secured for the users not to disclose their area from where they are connecting to a server. Usually the server of the website is making known of the IP address of the user and my doubt is how to differentiate the proxy server from the genuine server?
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    In general a proxy server works as a mediator between the client and the requested server. And in case of general server or so called original server, the connection between client and server is direct. In normal server, the IP address and location of the user can be easily identified whereas in case of proxy server, the IP address hides or is changed so that it becomes mysterious.

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