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    What is the difference between Pureit Intella and Pureit Compact?

    Learn about the various models of Water purifiers from Pureit available in the market and the distinctions between the specific types of Water purifiers from the experts in Techulator.

    I have observed that Water purifiers from Pureit, "Pureit Intella" 900 INR and "Pureit Compact" 1400 INR has all the features same except the storage capacity, 12 liter and 14 liter reapectively.

    When both have 5 litres Purified storage capacity, why should I spend 1400 INR to buy Pureit Compact instead of Intella?

    Except storage capacity, please explain me why should I buy costly one?

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    Pureit is a water purifier product from Hindustan Unilever. You have pointed out the right thing here and studied about the two products thoroughly. You are right, except the total storage capacity, there is no difference between these two products Pureit Intella and Pureit Compact (Which is known as Pureit Classic 14 Litres). As you said Pureit Intella has a total storage capacity of 12 Ltres and purified capacity of 5 Litres and Pureit Compact or Pureit Classic 14 Litres has a total capacity of 14 Litres and purified storage capacity of 5 Litres. Even I too had called customer care and asked Pureit water experts for the difference of these two products. They also said the same thing, difference is only because of storage capacity.

    You can buy any of these two products as per your convenience.

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