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    Suggestion regarding water purifier keeping in view the lab test report

    Are you thinking of buying a water filter / purifier for your home consisting of a small family of 3 members? Do you want to know the brand, model, storage capacity of some of the best UV water filters / purifiers in India? Follow this thread and read experts answers to know about various brands, models, storage capacity etc of water filters / purifiers in India.

    Q1.What type of water filter/purifier is needed/suitable for my home?
    Q2.Best suited brand & model?
    Q3.Do we get manually filled uv water purifier in Indian market/brand?
    Q4.Do we get storage uv water purifier?
    We r three member family 1)self M/37, 2)wife F/29, 3)Child F/2.5
    Please find attachment (Water Test Report) & help me out...
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    Me basically a chemist, doing the same analysis almost every day. I hope I can guide you for choosing a perfect water purifier.
    From the lab report, first thing you need to see is Conductivity from which the Total Dissolved Solids is interpreted. Mathematically, TDS is approximately 0.52 time of the conductivity which is measured. So your conductivity * 0.52, will give you TDS approximately.So what is the need in knowing this. Conductivity gives you the outline of quantity of ions (impurity) present in you water. But with TDS or conductivity you cannot predict which ion is contributing to the conductivity. In our total hardness, which is the sum of Calcium and Magnesium hardness is more. In fact it is heavy. If calcium is present more in water, it can react with oxalate and form bladder stone. Tomato has oxalate in it. According to BIS standards, conductivity of drinking water should be around 200 - 250 micro siemens. In your water it is more.

    Choosing Purifier
    Let me put a full stop to all chemistry explanations and suggest you with respect to what you asked. I advice you to buy Reverse Osmosis water purifier (RO) with or with out UV. Pure it or Aqua guard cannot remove ions, then can just reduce the turbidity and foul smell. They have chloride tablets in them to kill germs. This chloride tablet is what used near battery which the manufacturer insist us to change periodically. So Pureit and Aqua guard is not all suitable for you as they cannot remove ions and ultimately the conductivity. Opt for RO purifier, the specialty is that is has membrane which remove ions. Final out put of TDS will be around 50. Its your choice to go for UV or with out UV. UV is to kill germs. In most cases it comes in built, but they charge you extra. You can buy separately and install too.If money is not concern for you buy Kent RO, its best. It has UV and TDS adjuster which means you adjust TDS according to your needs. It is helpful when you have children and old people in your house. Children require more ions where as old people require less. With the adjustment you can adjust TDS. I personally used it. If required I can send show you photo and give lab details of the output of Kent RO.

    Ganesh Babu.S

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    Answers in point format as requested by you,
    Q1. RO is required for your house. Pure it or Aqua guard is of no use.
    Q2. Kent RO is my suggestion.
    Q3. Brief what you are expecting if the previous thread didn't answer what you expected. To be frank I didn't get what you trying to ask. But UV can be purchased separately and fitted.
    Q4. RO with storage capacity is available. For your family 9 litres capacity should be ok.
    Q5. Since you have a child, its better to choose RO with TDS adjustment. Kent RO has it. If any other model provides the same feature go for it. The reason is children require more minerals which are present in water than adults who normally require less as we consume them in our food.

    Finally a question to you.Whether the column in the right side of the paper denotes the limits of the water quality as said by the the chemist. For example for Total hardness did he tell 200 ppm to 600 ppm is the limit?

    Ganesh Babu.S

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