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    How to watch Netflix outside USA?

    Do you want to learn the tricks to watch Netflix from India and other countries outside USA? Read this thread to learn more about accessing Netflix from outside USA.

    Can anybody tell me how to watch Netflix outside USA? WHy are they restricting access only to some countries?

    Can anybody suggest me some free DNS services that will allow me to watch Netflix and other similar programs outside USA?
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    You can watch any content from any country by making use of proxy servers. Many proxy servers sites offer you option to log into some site which is blocked by typing url in the space provided. However you can alternatively change the proxy settings of your browser manually to an ip f a country you wish. Here I will guide you about how to change to proxy ip to a country of your choice.

    Manual steps for changing to proxy IP in Chrome
  • In Google search for proxy IP for the country you wish. For example if you need some proxy ip of US then you can use the keyword, "US proxy servers or IP".

  • You will provided with a list of IP address and port number. Note down the IP address and port number.

  • Go to Chrome and click on settings, scroll down and open 'show advanced settings'.

  • Click on 'change proxy settings'.

  • Open LAN Settings.

  • In the bottom click on proxy server for your LAN and feed the IP and port number which you got from proxy sites. Remove the tick from detect automatic settings. Save and close.

  • Now you view all sites which are accessible for US viewers only. To revert back remove the tick in the LAN settings and freeze the options and click back detect settings automatically.

    Ganesh Babu.S

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    In my opinion, after reading this blog: The vpn is the best option for unblocking the restrictions.

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