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What is the code to check Tata Docomo message balance?

Date: 21 Jun 2013   Group: General Questions    Category: Other Questions   

I am using Tata Docomo network and I dont know the USSD code to check the message balance. I have recharged with Rs.94 combo pack and it offers 100 SMS per day. I am from Bangalore, Karnataka. Post the USSD code after checking because I have searched in Google and the search yielded many codes but all failed.

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Do you want to know the USSD code to check the SMS balance for your Tata Docomo service? Follow this thread and read expert answers to know the USSD code for Tata Docomo SMS service to know the balance of messages left.

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Please call the toll free number 12525 and follow the instruction. You will get the message balance right there.

Further to know the details about the code for checking message balance, please call your customer care number and they will assist you by providing the exact code as per your requirement.


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