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    Which is the best air conditioner to buy?

    Are you thinking to buy a new Air condition and want to know which one is most suitable in terms of quality, power consumption and maintenance? Check out our experts reviews to get to know about your most suitable AC along with prices.

    I am planning to buy an AC for my new home. How many ACs will be required for three rooms? Does a split AC helpful in this regard? Which is the best AC in terms of Quality, power consumption and low maintenance? Please also mention its price also. Thanks in advance.
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    For a new home, people should prefer buying normal air-conditioners for bedrooms and split AC for living room. As the living room area is generally large as compared to other rooms, split AC will help cool the room faster and reduce power consumption. Some good brands in air-conditioners are LG and General.
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    Bhakti Savla

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    If you have a seperate three rooms then you have to buy seperate three AC.
    To Buy an AC first you measure a area of the room.
    Area of the room determine Nominal capacity of the AC that is in terms of ton.Roughly we can say that 100 sqft room required 1 ton cooling capacity AC.
    An AC cools a room by absorbing heat from room and throwing outside, this is known as cooling capacity and it is measured in Btu/hr.Btu means British Thermal Units per hour.
    12000 Btu = 1 Ton
    Cooling capacity depends upon size of the room,outside temperature,how many people are in the room.
    You can get calculator from website to know how many ton AC you can buy.
    Today people prefer spilt AC because it gives more cooling for large area.If your room size is more and you want less noise then go for spilt AC. As the spilt AC has two unit one unit inside and another outside, because of this two units spilt AC makes less noise than window AC.If your room has window for AC then only you can think for a window AC.
    For new home interior wise spilt AC's are good because spilt AC require a small hole in the wall and it goes beyound the AC.But spilt AC are expensive than window AC.
    While choosing a AC first you check the following features:-
    1. Energy efficient setting.
    2. Easy maintenance - filter should be easily removed and cleaned.
    3. AC should have dehumidifier that reduces a humidity makes it cooler and comfortable.
    4. Noise level it range from 30-60 decibel.
    5. Star rating given by BEE- most of the AC's given a stars which detect the energy efficiency.
    6. Sleep mode of an AC which automatically adjust temperature during night.
    7. Auto restart facility-whenever power goes AC stars automatically in same mode.
    8. Air flow direction.
    9. Cooling capacity.
    10. Compressor Type
    Rotary - compact and less noisy.
    Scroll - quitest and most efficint.
    O general is a good AC it support all the features given above but in India we get a India manufacture unit so go for either LG or HITACHI.
    LG support two new features -
    1 Chaos Logic - air flows in different angles
    2 Fuzzy Logic - saves energy

    Specification LG 1.5 LG 1.5 Hitachi

    Compressor type Rotary Rotary Rotary

    Nominal capacity 1.5 1.5 1.5

    Cooling capacity 5200 5225 5363

    star rating 5 3 3

    noise level 30 36 34
    indoor inDb

    Auto restart Y Y Y

    Sleep mode Y Y Y

    Air direction Y Y Y

    Anti bacteria Y Y Y

    wt(indoor unit) 16kg 13kg 12.9
    wt(outdoor unit) 37kg 39kg 43

    Price 38,490 31,900 36,500

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    The status of this response is Pending and require some modification by the author.

    Before buying an air conditioner you should first do the followings:

    Decide the capacity of Air Conditioner required based on

    1. The size of the room as well as the location of the room with respect to the other room.
    2. Based on the falling of sun light on the walls or solar radiation.
    3. Location of the installation.
    4. You should take help of some technicians for calculating the capacity of A C required.
    5. How room is nearer to the Kitchen and how many numbers of electrical equipments are used in the room?
    6. Are you going to use the same AC for other room via ducting? This should also keep in mind.
    7. Choose the AC having higher energy star rating.
    8. Select the AC based on the inbuilt inverter system and voltage stabilizer in it.
    9. Consult the person who is already using the AC with so and so company and ask about the performance. of the AC.
    10. Visit companies website and look for the price and reviews before deciding the model and size.

    According to me, Voltas and LG are leading in AC market.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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