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    What software is used to create characters for games?

    Are you interested to know about the software used to create characters for games? To know that just follow this thread.

    I am curious to know which software is used to create characters for games. Is there any separate software to create characters? For example take Mario game, how Mario character may be created? Are they drawn?
    In one game there is a monkey and its hair and tail move according to the speed, how do they do it? Share your gaming experience. Also I am interested to create some game with rich multimedia effects and how can I do that?
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    In some cases special software or program are used to generate some special stuff for a game. Game Development is a complex process and one need to be strong in mathematics and creative enough to plan and design new game.

    Basically, general IDE/SDK like Visual Studio and netbeans are used to program the game. Yes, there are multiple graphics and image works which can also be done by hiring a graphics designer.

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