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    Can we convert MP3 – VCD player to DVD player?

    Are you having a MP3 VCD player which you want to convert to a DVD player? Do you want to know if conversion from VCD player to DVD player possible? Follow this thread and read expert answers to know whether a VCD player can be converted to a DVD player, and if so, how it can be done. If not, what is the reason for not being able to convert it.

    I have MP3 VCD player which was purchased way back in 2004. This device can play only VCD and I am willing to modify it so that it can be used to play DVD disks.

    So can we convert it with some modification in the device?

    If yes, then what will be the cost of this type of conversion?

    If we cannot convert it, then what is the reason?
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    A DVD and a CD stores information in "pits" on its surface. This information is collected by a laser. Now, a laser designed for CD/VCD cannot read these "pits" on the DVD.

    Also, the coding of the digital signal has more resolution in a DVD, so again a DVD player would be able to process a CD player coding but the vice versa is not true.
    So, while a DVD player can read a VCD, the vice versa is not true. Sure, if you go all scientistic and want to experiment then you are free to do so but it would be more costly than simple buying a DVD player.

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    I do not think it is possible to MP3 / VCD player to DVD player. The reason is very simple. The recording pits in DVDs are very small as compared to VCD pits. Moreover a VCD player has a very wide laser to correctly read the large pits. The same laser cannot read the small pits of DVDs. So, you need to change the entire laser assembly. You can just think that even if someone promises to do it, the cost will be magnanimous. With the same amount, you can buy a new DVD player since the DVD players are much cheaper these days. You must have spent a large amount to buy a VCD player 4 years ago. Moreover, there will be a coding problem. Higher resolution is needed to encode DVDs. The same task cannot be performed by a VCD player. So, the VCD player cannot be upgraded to DVD player. It is better to have a new DVD player instead.
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