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    How to increase speed of BSNL WiMax?

    Are you looking for tips to increase speed of your BSNL WIMAX connection? Learn how to avoid reasons to slow down WiMax and find tips to increase speed.

    I am using BSNL WiMax internet connection. I chose e 512 kbps connection because there is no download limit. I usually download movies and songs. It was giving good speed earlier, but after few weeks the speed is now reduced. Have anyone experienced this issue?

    I contacted BSNL and reported the problem. According to them, there is o problem on their side and they asked me to check my wireless router. But I connected the BSNL CPE directly to the computer but there is no change in the speed. I have placed the CPE box near the open window and it was working fine earlier.

    Please tell me how to increase the speed of BSNL WiMax.
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    BSNL WIMAX CPE is a very simple device that require almost no setup or configuration other than connecting the network cable to it, which leads to the computer. If your WiMax internet speed has gone down over a period of time, there are couple of things you can check:

    1. Is your WiMax CPE device placed outside, with no nearby hindrance? It is important to use the CPE device outside the home so that it can receive strong signals from the BSNL WiMax base station. Even though no line of sight placement necessary, it is still a good idea to place the device n an open space, not under the shade of any trees or any concrete structure,

    2. Is there any new tall buildings that could be blocking the reception of signals from the base station to the WiMax CPE device? If the device is placed behind any buildings, try moving to some other position so that it can get better signals.

    3. Check your outdoor CPE DEVICE. Is it covered with dust, rust, bid poop or some thing else? Clean it a bit to help improve reception of signals.

    4. Check the wires. Is it properly connected? Is there any lose contact, that may be breaking the connection during wind or when a bird land on the CPE device placed outside?

    5. If the network cable from the CPE device is going to the router and if you are using wireless internet, then try connecting the WiMax device directly to the computer without going through the wireless router. If the direct connection is faster, then it indicates a problem with your router. Check your wireless router configuration and settings. Your may need to refer to the manuals to optimize your router.

    6. Try switching to a higher speed internet plan. Even though change in internet speed at a later point may have nothing to do with your current plan, it is still a good idea to upgrade to a higher speed plan. BSNL offers several plans 1 mbps plan, 2 mbps plan etc. Choose a higher speed plan and see if that helps to improve your WiMax speed.

    7. Contact BSNL and make sure there are no technical issues In the base station and telephone exchange that could affect your internet speed.

    During bad weather like cloudy days and during rain, WiMax internet will slow down or even the connection may be interrupted. That is a common problem with WiMax technology. You just have to live with it.

    Read the advantages of BSNL WiMax. Also, you can find some of the disadvantages of WiMax.

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