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    Do we need to buy an AC or cooler for temperate climate?

    Are you thinking of buying an air conditioner or an air cooler for a city like Bengaluru, where the whether is not very hot? Do you want to know whether you should buy an air conditioner or an air cooler? Follow this thread and read experts answers related to the use of an air conditioner vis-a-vis an air cooler. Read information about some of the best coolers and their price and availability in India.

    For temperate climate like that of Bangalore, do we need to purchase a cooler or an AC? I have heard that cooler will increase the humidity in the atmosphere. Also that, there is a chance to get cold or fever, due to the presence of water in the atmosphere. Which is the best cooler to be purchased?
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    You have to take into consideration several things before you venture to buy an air conditioner or an air cooler for cities like Bengaluru, where the temperature does not go high even during the summer months.

    Buying an air conditioner in a city like Bengaluru will be a luxury. Not only its initial cost is more, but the running expenses on consumption of electricity and repairs and maintenance are exorbitant. The cost of electricity consumption of an air conditioner and its maintenance will cost you much more than the cost of a very good branded air cooler.

    You get cold or fever by using air cooler is a myth. Of-course, air cooler causes humidity. But it is always advised to use an air cooler by keeping the doors and windows of the room open, this will not only give you more fresh and cool air, but also it will keep the humidity low.

    Some of the best air coolers in the market are of Symphony brand. The price range of this cooler ranges from Rs.5000 for small coolers to Rs.20,000 for very large capacity coolers. The small air coolers costing around Rs.5000 will serve the purpose if the area to be cooled is around 180 sft.

    So I advice you to buy an air cooler depending on the area of your room, unless you have a lot of money to spend on an air conditioner.

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