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    Which is the best and efficient Split A/C

    Are you thinking of buying a 1.5 ton split air conditioner for your house? Do you want to know which companys air conditioner is the best to buy in terms of power consumption, price and after sales service etc.? Follow this thread and read advice by our technical experts who will guide you about buying of 1.5 ton split air conditioner with respect to its features and price.

    Can any one tell which make and model of Split Air conditioner is the best. I want to purchase a 1.5 Ton split air conditioner for my house. Can any one suggest the best Split air conditioner of 1.5 ton capacity which can give the best results in terms of electricity consumption, cost and other parameters?
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    I feel that the best Split A/C in terms of electricity consumption, noise generation and other factors is from Hitachi company. The next best models are from Carrier, Blue Star and Voltas. So you can see internet and buy Split A/C from any of the above companies. But Hitachi is the best one.

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    I feel O'general is good brand in market.O'General(which is joint venture of ETA-Ascon , Dubai and fujitsu General Limited, Japan) are the manufacturer of O'General AC so before buying please check where it is manufacturer because you can face the problem in indian made product.
    Cost of O'General is more than Indian brand but that can be recover by your electricity bill because it consume less power than other brand.
    Other best brand in Indian market are -
    Features Provided by O general are -

    1 - Dehumidifier - O general AC has a dehumidifier which reduces a humidity from room and make it cooler and comfortable.
    2 - Double auto swing - Swing in both direction in horizontal as well as vertical.
    3 - Auto shut flap - If flap is open at the time of power off then O general AC automatically shut the flap.
    4 - Sleep Timer - O general AC automatically adjust the temperture during night.
    5 - Negative ions filter - It helps removing dirt and odours in the air.
    6 - Easy maintenance - Outer panel can be easily removed and cleaned.
    7 - Price for 1.5 Ton O general AC starts from 40,000 depends upon model and features.

    Features in Hitachi

    1 - Auto Humid control - Control humidity automatically if climate change.
    2 - Fiter clean indicator - It shows indicator when fiter has a dust on it.
    3 - Auto climate technology
    4 - Auto restart - Whenever power goes Ac starts automaticlly in same mode.
    5 - Silent cooling - It has a noise level 34 Db that is less noise.
    6 - Four way swing - Gives effective cooling by operating 4 way swing and provides uniform air flow.
    7 - Dry mode - Act as dehudifier,reduces hudity by lowering fan speed.
    8 - ON/OFF timer with with advanced start up automatically turns ON before the set time to attain desired temperature at that time.
    9 - Heat Exchanger - Cools the room at 52 degree temperature.
    10 -Defrosting sensor

    Model No :- RAU318HTD
    Price of Hitachi:- 36500

    Features in LG
    LG comes in different different models for 1.5 Ton AC
    I am giving a features of LG LSA5ES5V.
    Features come almost same in all models but star wise differet

    Features of LG LSA5E5V

    1 - Plasmaster Ionizer - Ions sterlize air as well as surrounding harmful
    sustances and outor. It sterilize 99.9% bacteria from air.
    2 - Monsoon Comfort - Provides comfortable cooling by maintaining indoor
    temperature and humidity.
    3 - 3M Micro protection filter - High air flow with low noise collects harmful substances that causes a disease on surface of filter.
    4 - Four way swing - Dynamic double vanes blow air in 6 different hoizontal channels and 5 different vertical channels.
    5 - Dual Protection Filter - Kills all bacteria and cleans air from air.
    6 - Auto cleaning - We don't have to open pannel to clean the AC. This function dries the wet heat exchanger.
    7 - Energy saving mode - Consumes minimum energy.
    8 - Night glow remote - To make it easy opertion of remote at night .
    9 - ON / OFF Timer - Timer turns the AC ON or OFF at the time of our choice.

    Price of LG: 38,490

    You can choose the AC of your choice by deciding the features which you want. For power consumption O'General is good but you can't get a good service after buying a product.Service of LG is good also cost is less comparatively other brand so if money matters then go for LG.

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