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    Top surface of Prestige Induction cook-top is cracked so can I get replacement of this top surface?

    Want to change the top surface of Prestige Induction cook-top PIC 6.0 which gets cracked? Want to know whether it can be replaced or not? Find the relevant answer from our experts opinion.

    Few months back I brought a Prestige Induction cook-top PIC 6.0 and unfortunately a saucer felt on the top surface of this device. Now the top surface of this device is cracked and I want to know whether it can be replaced or not? If the top surface is replaceable then what is its cost?

    Right now this device works perfectly but I had to operate it in such a way that no liquid falls on to this device other wise it can erupt on to the electronic components underneath it. I know it is dangerous to use broken device so please suggest me the solution.

    Please check the image attached below.
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    Yes, sure you can get it replaced. You have to go to the nearest Prestige Induction Service Center.
    If it is within the warranty period, you might get a discount, otherwise, they will charge you for the glass and service charge of Rs.75.
    I think it may cost around Rs.500 - Rs.1000.

    I got the repair work done for its internal circuit and they took 500.
    It may be more as it is quite a costly glass.

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    My pegion favorite 1800w induction cooktops top plate is broken because some object fell on it.Now it has a problem in detecting metal and heats slowly. Will this problem be resolved if i replace the top glass plate?? And how much could be the cost???

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    Hi Nikhil,

    I request you to stop using this broken device as it involves a great amount of risk and it may even give you a shock/current through the utensils conductivity. Please don't use the broken device and be safe.
    Yes the problem can be resolved if there is no damage to the internal circuit of your induction cooktop. You have to take your device to the customer care center of your company and they are the only people who can tell you the exact cost required for repairing.

    In my case, I went to repair my broken induction cooktop and found that it was costing too much. Luckily, I spot an offer on one of the e-commerce websites for the same device and I ordered it without any delay. So keep checking for the same or even better quality cooktop and buy a new one as soon as you find a good deal.

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