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    How to reduce the StartUp time of my system?

    Is start-up time of your system is taking a longer time because of use of software like IBM SPSS,IBM DB2 and Kaspersky Antivirus in your system? Read answers by experts who will explain you the reasons and solution for start up of your system to take less time.

    I am using Software like IBM SPSS,IBM DB2,Kaspersky Antivirus because of this system start up takes a longer time. Suggest me how to reduce the start up time of system?
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    It is very easy to reduce the Start Up time of any system. Though you have not mentioned the OS you're using , I suppose you have some Windows version. The trick I'm going to explain below works for all Windows OSs like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Window 7. By following the below mentioned steps you can easily make your system start up faster like anything. As you have mentioned you're using some of the IBM software and there may be more software programs in your system.

    Before telling you the solution of this problem, let me also explain the cause which makes our system start slower like anything. And everybody hates waiting while our system takes long time to get start. The main reason of this issue is "start of multiple program's thread during the start of system". Many software and programs by default gets enable in the start up menu and it starts every time we start the system. Indeed, we don't use all the programs every time we start the system. So, it is just not necessary to let all programs to start by default. In this solution, you just have to configure start up option and you can manage all the programs you want to start with system start.

    To reduce the Start Up time of Computer System :
    Step : 1 - Go to Run
    Step : 2 - Type "msconfig" and press Enter
    Step : 3 - System Configuration Utilities Window will appear
    Step : 4 - Look for the tab "StartUp" and Click it.
    Step : 5 - Here you can see list of all marked programs currently loading while you start your system. There will be three option like StartUp Item, Command and Location. You can expand the command to know the programs name and details.
    Step : 6 - Un-Mark all the programs except Antivirus(Kaspersky for you). For security reason you can let anti-virus to get start with system start.
    Step : 7 - After un-marking all the marked one except Antivirus. You can now Click "Apply"
    Step : 8 - System will restart and you will get a faster system start here after. You will be prompted with a dialog box about the setting changes, you can click "Don't show me again" and you can close it.

    You're done! Now your system will only start antivirus by default and it will be very faster then before. Worry not still you can use any software by starting them. Just try it yourself to experience the faster boot or start of your system.

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    Generally, your PC takes normal time at the time of start-up with standard softwares. But, if you have installed additional software in your PC and if your system takes more time for starting, then you need to check the start-up status in 'msconfig' utility.
    You can open Run from 'Start Menu' and type the command 'msconfig' and click it. The msconfig utility will open.
    Now, click on Startup tab in MSCONFIG utility and select the service that you don't want to process on startup. After removing tick mark from unnecessary services, you can click on 'Apply' button. It will ask you to restart the system for applying the made changes. You can click on Restart button and check the startup speed. You can experience the increased system startup speed.

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    Follow these steps to specifically remove or disable startup programs you don't need
    Go to Control panel
    In Programs choose Start up programs
    In the windows defender window under startup category check programs
    Disable or remove unnecessary programs

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    There are many ways to speed up the start up time of one's computer. Have a look!

    1. Enable "Quick Boot": When the system turns on, hold the DEL key and BIOS setting window will open. Enable the option. Buy this your PC will boot faster as by its enabling, it will turn off the tests and other priorities which the system runs on start up.

    2. Clean out all the unnecessary programs: Go to Control Panel > Programs. Clean out every such software which probably remains unused and is heavy. This will boost your system speed in every aspect.

    3. Disable unused hardware: It often becomes an issue of computer, being hanged and slowed down if the unused hardware are kept enabled. Right-click on 'My Computer' icon and select 'Manage'. From there, navigate to "Device Manager" and disable every unused hardware.

    4. Clean out every such software, running on start up: This is one of the best way to reduce the start up time of one's computer. Actually there are many such software which start running on start up and that becomes the cause of why a start up time of a system increases. To clean such apps, run the following command in 'RUN' text box and hit enter;


    5. Keep the antivirus up to date every time: Most user don't pay heed upon this suggestion and those suffer. One must keep the antivirus up to date and should always maintain its security.

    If the above ways didn't resolver the issue, then try reinstalling the current operating system and cleaning up the drives.

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