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What are crawler logins in your Google AdSense account?

Date: 11 Feb 2013   Group: Blogging and Websites    Category: Blogger Blogging Platform   

I find that in my Google AdSense account settings, there is an item called crawler logins. Who has to add logins, website owners or the individual article writers. What happens, if we do not add logins? How does it affect our Google AdSense earnings? Can someone give me step by step instructions as to how and when to add a login?

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Learn what is meant by crawler login in your Google AdSense account. Find out whether it is important to provide the crawler login information.

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Crawler errors are the error which occurred while Google was trying to review your site. Google Spider crawls every website and blog often depending on their post frequency.

So if you find errors, just check out those link and redirect it to mail page.


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