Cash Credits & Awards

In addition to the 100% revenue share offered through the Google AdSense revenue sharing program, we also offer several cash awards and special rewards to the members contributing content in Techulator.

Cash awards will be accumulated in your profile and will be paid to you in the form of bank transfer in the subsequent month after the balance reaches the minimum pay out amount of Rs 1,000.

Learn more about payment process and find out how to make money from this site.

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Member NameNumber of GiftsCash CreditsPaymentsBalance
Pushkar Kathayat1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Stefan1Rs 150Rs 0Rs 150
Narendra Pratap singh1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Raftaar1Rs 124Rs 0Rs 124
prasuna1Rs 60Rs 0Rs 60
Prakash1Rs 150Rs 0Rs 150
Poonam1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Piku1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Pramod Apugol1Rs 100Rs 0Rs 100
Pankaj Gill1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Partha SaradhiReddy T1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Paresh Kalinani1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
parthiban1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
S.Pattavarayan1Rs 10Rs 0Rs 10
Paul Ambrose1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Pavan1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Nishant Thapliyal1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Rakesh Kumar1Rs 40Rs 0Rs 40
Omar1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
online suvidha1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Narinder pal singh1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Abhinav1Rs 10Rs 0Rs 10
N K Ravishankar1Rs 100Rs 0Rs 100
Nishikant Kotgire1Rs 3Rs 0Rs 3
Nitha T Paul1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Nithin1Rs 15Rs 0Rs 15
Papun Barik1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Nijin Ashok1Rs 833Rs 0Rs 833
Nikhil Rajagopalan1Rs 72Rs 0Rs 72
Nikeeta Singhal1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
nikil1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Nilesh Jadhav1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Manoj Kumar Lamba1Rs 45Rs 0Rs 45
Manoharan S1Rs 15Rs 0Rs 15
manish kumar1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Manikandan1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Manu1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Maria Baker1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Maria1Rs 50Rs 0Rs 50
mark mallord1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
mark1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Marshal1Rs 140Rs 0Rs 140
Mary B Piestrak1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Anshul Mathur1Rs 20Rs 0Rs 20
Manish Kumar Singh1Rs 40Rs 0Rs 40
Mayur1Rs 190Rs 0Rs 190
Mcdonna1Rs 8Rs 0Rs 8
mee leem1Rs 55Rs 0Rs 55

Total Cash Credits: Rs 2,280.00

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