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In addition to the 100% revenue share offered through the Google AdSense revenue sharing program, we also offer several cash awards and special rewards to the members contributing content in Techulator.

Cash awards will be accumulated in your profile and will be paid to you in the form of bank transfer in the subsequent month after the balance reaches the minimum pay out amount of Rs 1,000.

Learn more about payment process and find out how to make money from this site.

If you have any questions about the payment programs, please post your question in our forum.

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Publish DateMember NameAwardCash AmountPoints
10 Oct 2014 Aamir shahzadCash Payment
Payments for Sep 2014
Invoice#: TEC-2805
 Rs 1400.000
21 Sep 2014 Aamir shahzadExpert Answers
Cash for posts in Ask Experts
 Rs 310.000
17 Sep 2014 Aamir shahzadAsk Expert Questions
Cash for questions in Ask Expert Section
 Rs 1436.000
05 Jun 2014 Aamir shahzadReferral Program
 Rs 216.000
01 Oct 2013 Aamir shahzadForum Response Credits
Cash for Forum Responses
 Rs 62.000
01 Oct 2013 Aamir shahzadResource Submissions
Cash for cool resources
 Rs 120.000
01 Oct 2013 Aamir shahzadProduct Submissions
Payment for Product Submissions
 Rs 26.000
02 May 2013 Aamir shahzadCash Payment
Payments for Apr 2013
Invoice#: TEC-1803
 Rs 1000.000
01 Jul 2011 Aamir shahzadRevenue Share Bonus
Site Revenue Share for Jun 2011
 Rs 225.000
09 Jun 2011 Aamir shahzadCash Payment
Payments for May 2011
Invoice#: TEC-716
 Rs 1000.000
05 Jun 2011 Aamir shahzadRevenue Share Bonus
Site Revenue Share for May 2011
 Rs 962.000
07 May 2011 Aamir shahzadRevenue Share Bonus
Site Revenue Share for Apr 2011
 Rs 77.000

Total Cash Credits: Rs 3,434.00

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