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Zync Z-990 Android ICS tablet features and specifications

If you are looking to buy cheap Android tablet in India then Zync Z-990 tablet offers Android (4.0) Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Zync Z-990 tablet includes many new features and specifications. It is Apple group company, Zync which is the first Google Android 4.0 tablet producing company in India. The price of the tablet is Rs 8.990. Read this article to know more about Zync Z-990 tablet features and specifications.

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Zync Z1000

Are you searching for an Android tablet with 3G and Wi-Fi enabled features from Zync? Then the correct choice is the Zync Z1000 tablet. Read more details, specifications and features of Zync Z1000 calling tablet in this article.

Zync Z999 Plus

Are you searching for a budget tablet with 3G features and Wi-Fi enabled from Zync? Then the Zync Z999 tablet is the correct model which has excellent features like 7" capacitive touch screen, 8GB internal memory and a SIM card slot. This article gives more details, specifications, features of the Android Ice cream sandwich Zync Z999 tablet.
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