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Nokia will launch QWERTY Windows Phone 7
According to rumors based reports, it is expected that Nokia is working on the Qwerty Windows Phone 7 project. Nokia has given responsibility to manufacture hardware services for Windows Phone 7 so as to improve the interaction experience of its customers by enhancing battery consumption. In this article, I am going to discuss about the Qwerty Windows 7 Phone of Nokia.Moreover, status of agreement between Microsoft and Nokia is also given.
Few Reasons why Windows Phone 7 is an iPhone killer
In this article, I have discussed about the reasons why Windows phone 7 will be an iPhone killer. Many new applications have been developed by Microsoft and we can see those apps in the Windows phone 7. Few reasons have been discussed in the article.
Why the Windows Phone 7 is known as the iPhone Killer?
The windows phone 7 are the new release of the Microsoft, from the release date itself many users start comparing it with the Apple iPhone and find many advantages of the Windows phone 7 over the Apple iPhone and due to this fact only it is known as Apple iPhone Killer. Therefore, through this article, I will explain you why windows phone 7 is known as the Apple iPhone Killer?
Compare iPhone4 with Windows 7 based phones
In this article, I am going to compare iPhone4 with Windows 7 based phones. iPhone4 uses its own operating system called iOS. By using Windows 7 operating system Microsoft released its Windows phone 7. Apart from Microsoft various manufactures released their mobile phones with Windows 7 operating system.
History and Key Features of the Windows phone 7
The Windows Phone 7 is the new phone based operating system which provides you with all the benefits that will be given by the windows operating system. The third party services support is there in windows phone 7.It also includes other so many features which is discussed below along with the history of the windows phone 7.
Google+ App for Windows Phone 7?
Read this article to know more about Google+ App in Windows Phone 7. Google+ is the latest trending topic in the world wide web. Google+ is the new social networking website from the search engine giant.

Windows Phone 7 Mango Features Front Video Camera Application
Read this article to know more about windows phone 7 mango which features front video camera application. Microsoft has included new features and functionality in its Windows phone 7 suite by using upgraded Mango package. It also includes Front video camera app in Windows Phone 7 so to allow users to experience video calling and video chat functionality in Windows platform. Microsoft also integrates Skype applications in Windows Phone 7 so to allow international users to enjoy this service.
Benefits and features of GPS application in Windows Phone 7
Microsoft has provided its users with various apps in the market store but we are not aware with the full functionality of all apps in Windows Phone 7. GPS application is one of them, the work of which is to track the path of the routed location and to provide regular updates to user after a fixed interval of time. In this article, I will explain the features and benefits of GPS application in Windows Phone 7.
Windows Phone 7 software code-named Mango with 500 new features
To compete with Android and Apple products, Microsoft is willing to make improvements in Windows Phone 7 such that new hardware interface is added in it.A new software, Mango is put in it that offers around 500 features .In this article I will explain to you the basic features of the Windows phone 7 software Mango.
Windows Phone 7 unveiled features
This article is about Windows Phone 7 features. This article will help to get all the features of Windows Phone 7. Know more about Windows Phone 7 and its features.

New Windows Phone 7 software Mango add verity to Windows Smart Phone
In this article we will look in to the new features added to Window Phone 7 with the introduction of New Software named Mango. This Windows Mobile 7 software add more than 500 new features in the smart phone, have a look at some of the new features of New Software Mango
Windows Phone 7 best Applications
In this article you are going to find Windows Phone 7 best Applications. You can use these applications in your windows Phone 7.
Minimum hardware requirement of the windows phone 7
Often, the users want to the know the Minimum hardware requirement and configuration of the windows phone 7.So, In this article, I will explain to you the minimum hardware requirement an configuration of the windows phone 7.
How to make Android phone looks like Windows phone 7
In this article, I am going to discuss about how to make your Android phone look like a Windows 7 phone. Most of the Smart phone users complain that Windows phone 7 has a better user interface when compared to Android based phones. Recently, in the Android market a new App has been released which converts the User Interface of Android phones as Windows 7 phone.
Top 5 Windows 7 Phones
In this resource, I am talking about the top 5 Windows 7 phones. By this I mean the top 5 phones which have Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system in them. In this resource under the hood of top 5 windows 7 phones, I have talked about Samsung Focus, LG Quantum specs, HTC 7 Surround, HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro. Read the whole resource for more details.

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When will my Nokia Lumia 800 get next OS update?
Nokia Lumia 800 currently operates on OS windows 7.8(Mango) which was supposed to be upgraded equivalent to Windows 8. Find out the latest updates available for Nokia Lumia 800.

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Nokia Lumia 800 - New Nokia Lumia 800 Specifications and ...

Nokia Lumia 800 - New Nokia Lumia 800 Specifications and ...

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