Wi-Fi routers for your home and office

With the help of the wireless Wi-Fi routers you can easily access internet sitting at any edge of the world. These devices are getting increasingly popular and ensure that you can work from any corner of the world and keep communicating.

The wireless Wi-Fi routers perform all the basic functions of a router, while also providing the facilities of a wireless access point. With this Wi-Fi routers in hand you can connect to internet from anywhere in the world. It does not require any wired link as the connection is completely made wirelessly, by means of radio waves. This device is functioned in such a way, that it can also work in wired LAN or wireless-only LAN. The wireless Wi-Fi routers are available at much affordable rate. You can use this device for office and residential use. Along with the device you will get easy installation guide for the set up of the device.

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In this article, I explained about the review of Huawei E506 Wi-Fi router. This was the leading best router in the world at present. The hardware and design of the device describes more in detail. The price of the device is Rs.4, 500. When compared with all other devices Huawei is bit costlier. But its functionality justifies its price. In worldwide, Huawei is the best router at present in market.

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Huawei E560

The E560 Data card from Huawei which is one of the best Telecommunications manufacturing company in China. The Huawei E560 data card is a high speed packet access mobile hotspot which can be accessed by 5 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously. The Huawei E560 is the best product which is compatible with all Indian mobile networks. The Huawei E560 has a rechargeable battery of 1500 mAh capacity which can give a back up time of up to 5 hours.

Huawei E5331

Huawei E5331 is a high speed packet access mobile hotspot. The Huawei E5331 can be accessed by eight users simultaneously. The E5331 has a rechargeable battery which can last for five hours after a complete recharge. The device is very useful to surf internet or send messages/emails wirelessly in the service area of a 3G network.
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