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Guest Blogging for backlinks- Does it work or its dead?

Guest Blogging is one of the most used tactic by bloggers to get back links. But now Google is more concerned about such backlinks. Yes, guest blogging for back links is done. Here's why you should not do guest posting just for backlinks.

Effective link building strategies for 2015

Increase the efficiency of your link building with the help of effective outreach, which is the only way out.And this will help in decreasing the possibility of your links getting stripped off. This will be very much helpful in overall SEO strategy.

Misconceptions related to directory links

The recent Google algorithms have created a lot of confusion regarding SEO. Practices like directory links which proved to be very helpful earlier are not considered that good. However, if a blogger uses directory links with caution, they can still give good results.

How to cancel Disavow request with Google

Did you recently submit a disavow request through Google Webmaster Tools but later realized you made a mistake? Read this article to learn how to cancel Disavow requests with Google.
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