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Top 10 Animation software available in the market

If you are an animation professional or just looking forward to try your hands on to unleash your creativity, here are a list of top ten animation software which can guide you through the process of animation without a backbreaking effort, check them out to choose the one that suits you best. You can try the free versions available to get a first hand experience yourself.

Adobe Flash Professional CS6 features and reviews

Over the last couple of years, rich content has moved from Flash and flex (now Flash Builder, in Adobe’s incarnation) towards HTML 5 with help from JavaScript libraries. Apple’s refusal to support Flash in browser on iOS has been echoed in Microsoft’s plans for Windows 8, and Adobe thus finds itself repositioning Flash as a means of creating content rather than a method of delivering it.

What is Morphing?

Morphing is technology for transforming one image to another. Read this article to know what exactly in morphing and its uses in media industry.
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