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Mac backup and recovery software Carbon Copy Cloner review and features
Safeguard your Mac data by taking a complete backup with the aid of Carbon Copy Cloner! Know the features of this software and see what highlights make it a good or bad choice in the backup software utilities category.

Top 5 Unknown Features of the Xiaomi Mi 3
Unique and some of the 'not so well known' features of the Xiaomi Mi 3 smartphone. Tips, tricks and top features of the latest smartphone from Xiaomi India

Google Search shows wrong person as President of India
Google Search is showing wrong person as the President of India. Check out the details of this glitch noticed today.

Xiaomi Mi3 Price, Specifications and Features in India
Here are the specifications of the Indian variant of Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone. Also included are some photographs taken at the Indian launch event of Xiaomi devices along with pricing and delivery details.

Government proposes service tax for online advertising in India
In 2014-2015 financial budget, finance minister proposed service tax for online advertising. Learn more about the service tax for advertising, which includes Google AdSense and other online advertising programs.

Can bloggers below 18 years use AdSense?
Are you a blogger or video publisher below 18 years old but like to use AdSense to monetize your online content? Learn the Google policies regarding the age limits to participate in AdSense program.

How to change AdSense payee name for Indian publishers
Google recently made many changes to the AdSense payment process for the Indian publishers. Learn how to change the payee name in the new wire transfer payment system introduced by Google AdSense.

How to request reissue of AdSense wire transfer payment
Did Google issue you an AdSense payment via wire transfer but for some reason you could not receive it in your account? Learn how to request a re issue of your of your wire transfer payment for EFT.

How to complete AdSense course and get an AdSense certificate?
Google has introduced an AdSense certificate course to help you understand AdSense better and thus improve your revenue potential. Learn how to complete the course on Optimizing AdSense and get your certificate.

MoboLive: A full featured launcher for your Android smartphone
Are you looking for a cool, full features app launcher for your Android device? In this post, I am doing an in depth analysis of MoboLive, the latest launch from MoboRobo.


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Tips to recover from Google Panda penalty

Google has released several search engine algorithm updates to improve the quality of its search results. The Panda updates are meant to improve the ranking of low quality sites so that the search results will show higher quality content. Many websites have lost significant traffic after each of these updates, released every few weeks.

If your website's traffic is affected by this update, read this article to find tips to recover from Google Panda updates.

Unlock iPhone 4 in India
AT&T recently announced an option to unlock the iPhones purchased through AT&T and either completed the contract or paid off the cancellation charges. It is a very simple process to unlock your iPhone now. Just call AT&T, give your current/old AT&T account details and give the IMEI number of your phone. They will make the required entries in their system and will notify Apple. Within few hours, you will get a notification from Apple asking you to backup and restore your phone using iTunes. Once you complete restoring from iTunes, your iPhone will be unlocked. Learn more about unlocking AT&T iPhone legally

Will Vonage VoIP phone work in India?
Are you using a Vonage phone in USA and want to try if it will work in India? Read our experience with Vonage phone in India and how reliably it works. If you are coming to India on vacation or moving to India permanently, you can carry your Vonage device and use it as local phone which gives you unlimited local, long distance and international calls.

Read more on using Vonage phone in India

Copy pasting to remote computer not working with RDP
Are you facing problems with copy pasting not working with your remote Windows computer? If the copy pasting stopped working suddenly, you can try this solution. Read more about copy paste problems with remote computer while using RDP

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